Monday, June 13, 2005

Forms Pages and Web Parts

After struggling with the strange behavior of Forms pages (viewlist, allitems, etc.) when adding web parts, I came across this post, in which Microsoft is essentially telling us to leave well enough alone:

If you decide to modify these pages anyway, which I will most surely do as this functionality should have been included to begin with, the best tip I can provide is not to remove the list web part from the default web part zone. Instead, simply close the part, add a new zone and place your web parts in the new zone. Be aware that this is officially unsupported so tech support won't be able to help you out if you do this.

If anybody out there is listening, how about posting some comments on features that Microsoft should be addressing in We'll pass those on and see if we get any traction.

Here are a few of my pet peeves:

* Adding web parts to forms pages (obviously)
* Nested document libraries with per-folder and per-item permissions
* Restoration of the workflow from SPS2001 (I mean, c'mon, can we please move up in versions without losing functionality?)
* Doc library permissions in SPS the same as WSS
* Removal of the WSS/SPS barrier
* Integrated recycle bin and explorer treeview for doc libraries

Any other ideas?

UPDATE: Patrick Tisseghem points out an even easier way to add web parts to list pages. Just append ?ToolPaneView=2 to the list URL. Doesn't get much easier than that!