Tuesday, January 24, 2006

SharePoint UK User Group First Meeting

Nick Swan has done a tremendous job putting together the SharePoint UK User Group.  They’ve got a great site with some really good info for UK SharePointers.  Their first meeting is being held Monday, February 13th.  I know how much work goes into organizing these events so hats off to Nick and his team.  If you live anywhere close to Thames Valley Park in Reading you should make every effort to attend (there are also some great pubs nearby so it’s definitely worth the trip).   

Go here for all the information. 

I do a fair amount of business in the UK and they really have a thriving SharePoint community.  It’s great to see them getting support from Microsoft.  Unfortunately I’m on a project Stateside all through February or I would be there to support the group.  Have a pint of Abbott Ale for me, mates!