Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Version of SharePoint XML List Viewer

I received some good feedback on the XML List Viewer utility and have posted a new version with the following modifications:

* Clear text entries hidden in password field
* XML displayed in structured view (similar to IE functionality)
* XML can be saved to local file (Right-click within XML field, choose 'Save')
* XML can be printed (Right-click within XML field, choose 'Print')
* XML can be searched for a specified string (right-click, 'Search')

Download the new version (1.1) here.

Please post any additional feature suggestions as comments to this post.


UPDATE: Downloads from the earlier post had problems with the .NET 1.0 version of the tree view DLL. I have posted an updated version (use the same link above) that includes a recompiled .NET 1.1 version XmlTreeView source code within the executable (thanks to Thomas Siepe for making the source available on The Code Project).