Saturday, November 24, 2012

Creating Permalinks for SharePoint Blog Posts

Most commercial blogging platforms use a fixed URL structure, known as a "permalink", to identify posts – something like "". This structure makes it easy to reference a particular post, supports trackbacks/pingbacks, and makes it simple for search crawlers to locate content. Unfortunately, the SharePoint 2010 Blog template has no concept of how an actual blog platform should work – permalinks are an entirely foreign concept. Because SharePoint stores blog posts as individual list items, the URL structure is comprised of a fixed root path with a query string parameter for the item ID, such as "". Awful stuff.

Short of writing an HTTP Handler to construct friendly URL's, SharePointers are stuck with this less-than-optimal format. That being said, it would be helpful if the various views for the Posts list in a blog actually used this link structure to refer to each item but, alas, they don't; instead, they use and even worse path identifier that references an application page in the _layouts directory with parameters for the list and item ID (i.e. "{89CBE813-99F7-4257-A23A-5FEFC377336B}&ID=269"). This is the equivalent of not only forgetting to put bullets in your gun but leaving the gun behind at the saloon on your way to the OK Corral – in other words, it makes an already bad situation even worse...

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