Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SharePoint Blogsearch Expands to Mexico

For our friends from Latin America, Luis Du Solier's Spanish-language blog has just been added to the SharePoint Blogsearch index. As I grew up in El Paso (which is right on the Mexican-American border), I am quite fond of our neighbors to the south and glad to see Luis is making a contribution to the SharePoint community. If I continue to get multilingual submissions I'll create a content source for each language to make native searches a bit easier.

Para todos nuestros amigos latinos, bienvenido por favor Luis Du Solier a la familia de SharePoint Blogsearch. Como soy de EL Paso, Tejas y orgullosa de nuestros vecinos al sur. Estoy alegre ver que Luis está haciendo una contribución a la comunidad de SharePoint. Su blog es muy bueno, Luis!